Station Equipment

Apna site

130 m tower

CO2 and H2O fluxes (Eddy covariance), wind & turbulence properties

Turbulence is measured on five heights (30, 50, 70, 90, an 110 m) using METEK uSonic Class A, PT100 based temperature, atm. pressure and relative humidity sensors.

Eddy covariance measurements use additionally LI-7200 on 30 and 70 m height.

Gas profile measurements

Gases are sampled on all five heights and ozone is analysed using Thermo Scientific 49i, NO/NO2/NOx analysed by Thermo Scientific 42 TL, and SO2 by Thermo Scientific 43i.

Greenhouse gases CO2, CH4, H2O, and CO are analysed by Los Gatos GGA 30r and Picarro G2401.

Radiation measurements

Radiation measurements for total and diffuse incoming solar radiation and total and diffuse reflected radiation are measured using Δ-T SPN1 sunshine pyranometer.

Meteorological measurements

Meteorological measurements (temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, rain and hail detection are provided by Vaisala Weather transmitter WXT520 systems.

Ecosystem towers

Two 30 m high ecosystem towers located in a coniferous and a deciduous dominated forest stand are available. The towers are equipped with METEK uSonic Class A and USA-1 scientific anemometers. There are LI-7200 gas analysers for Eddy covariance measurements installed. Nano aerosol and air ion fluxes are measured using NAIS. Solar radiation is measured using the Skyspec spectrometer.

Soil fluxes

Soil fluxes are measured using manual chambers and ADC Bioscience automatic chamber systems. The measurements are done in episodes.

Soil profiles

Permanent sample plots.

Aerosol measurement system

An aerosol cottage equipped with NAIS and EAS measurement systems is available.

Biomass measurements

Leaf litter
Bucket samplers are used to collect leaf and needle litter.
Wood biomass
Permanent sample plots

Liispõllu site

24 m tower

CO2 and H2O fluxes (Eddy covariance), wind & turbulence properties

The measurement system uses LI-7200, Campbell CSAT-3.


Measurements of volatile organic compounds have been done in episodes using Carbotrap/GCMS sampling and analysis systems.

Valgjärve site

200 m tower

Wind & turbulence properties

The measurement system uses METEK uSonic Class A and Rotronic temperature and humidity sensors. Measurements take place on 25, 50, 110, and 200 m.