SMEAR Estonia is a part of the following projects:

iCUPE - Integrative and Comprehensive Understanding on Polar Environments.

ERA Planet - The European network for observing our changing planet

ACTRIS - The European Research Infrastructure for the observation of Aerosol, Clouds, and Trace gases.

ACTRIS PPP - Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure Preparatory Phase Project.

RINGO - Readiness of ICOS for Necessities of Integrated Global Observations.

SMEAR Network - Smear research stations are to measure the relationship of atmosphere and forest in boreal climate zone.

PEEX - "Pan-Eurasian Experiment" study is a multidisciplinary climate change, air quality, environment and research infrastructure program focused on the Northern Eurasian particularly arctic and boreal regions.

International collaborators

National collaborators

Laboratory of Environmental Physics, Institute of Physics, University of Tartu

Department of Geography, Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences, University of Tartu

Remote sensing group, Tartu observatory

EcolChange Centre of Excellence in Research - EcolChange: Ecology of Global Change: Natural and Managed Ecosystems

Estonian Environmental Observatory